​The Nordstrom Cast Iron Plug valves are made in a variety of patterns that assure maximum economy and efficiency for the full range of valve services. Gray Iron Nordstrom valves are suitable for air conditioning and heating services, oil and gas applications, water treatment installations — wherever there is a need for rugged, dependable quarter-turn plug valves!

Valve Seat Never Exposed

The vital seating surfaces are self-protecting and selfcleaning. Any abrasive ingredient that touches the plug in a closed position is wiped off when the plug turns back to the open position.

Positive Quarter-turn Operation

Operating Nordstrom valves is sure, quick and easy. Positive quarter-turn rotary action opens and closes the valve. There are no enlarged pockets or recesses to collect sediment, scale deposits or other foreign matter that might interfere with valve action.

Other Features and Benefits

• Available in Bolted or Screwed Gland
• A Fixed Adjustable Gland for the Ability to Adjust the Plug – in line, under pressure that maintains the adjustment once established
• Ground and Lapped Tapers on Body and Plug for Drop-Tight Shut-Off
• Meet or exceed 49CFR Part 192.145 Requirements
• Nordstrom Steel Plug valves meet API-6D and ASME B16.34 requirements

Typical Industry Applications

• Gas Distribution
• Oil and Gas Production
• HVAC-Balancing and Isolation
• Water and Wastewater
• Caustic Services
• Chemical and Refining